#160MOV – 27 – Janesita (CHI)

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  • 09 mayo, 23
  • Por @JukeMx
  • We are back with a mix for dance workouts from rising DJ / Producer Janesita from Chicago.

    Escucha ‘160MOV – 27 – Janesita (CHI)

    Born in Chicago, IL , Janesita , shares a diverse selection of sounds that live in the underground electronic music scene. As co-host / music producer of Radio Muévelo & member of JukeMx , she looks to host a safe space for dancers, djs and producers alike. Hosting a monthly residency at Emporium Chicago with a dance cypher for the local community to come together. Her 160mov mix shares the energy they bring each month on the decks and on the dance floor at Dribble Jukzz.



    Photo by Velaluna of Janesita at Dribble Jukzz in Chicago



    123 Drop It Down – Dice Beats
    Scratch Time Paradox – Charly SY
    Enter the Ghost – Eric Uh
    Jaguar – Hesk
    What You Gonna Do – DJ Manny
    NO WORKZ – MoonDoctoR
    WORK HER OUT – MoonDoctoR
    Naf ya- Charly SY
    Show Me Love – Hesk
    Tell Me Why – DJ Acey
    Wuorktek – Hitch.93
    Make It Rain – DJ RASHAD
    KEEP BOUNCIN – MoonDoctoR
    Lowend acid……. – Dj.Mc
    U Wik – Hitch.93
    Chun Li – Hesk 
    BS RMX 2020 – 2tall
    Armada Stylo – Anna Morgan
    Down On My Luck – DJ Manny
    Balenciaga – Static x Dannyjamz Remix
    Outta Bounds – DJ Swisha & Kush Jones